The Main Types of Organisational Culture

Every company is characterized by a specific internal culture, which is considered the personality of the organisation. The organisational culture refers to the norms, values, symbols, signs or assumptions of the members within the company. This culture can be looked at as a system with inputs that consist of stories, values or laws. The main process is based on values and norms. Further, the values are money, time, people. In the end, the outputs are image, strategies, behaviors, products or services. There are various types of organizational cultures that can appear within a firm.

Nowadays, companies try to embrace as much as possible the play culture. This type of culture focuses mostly on creativity and finding new innovative ways of handling daily tasks and duties. Employees within the organisation are usually promoted based on the display of intelligence and show of the most useful ideas. Frequently, the play culture can be seen in design companies, where people are rewarded for the newest and most creative approaches to work and projects.

This type of culture is based mainly on getting immediate results. This means that employees are encouraged to take risks in order to get immediate rewards. In order to advance and to be promoted in the company, individuals have to take quick risks. People who work in fields such as sales are part of an aggressive culture. Employees are forced to sell more and more and to get a lot of clients.

Companies that adopt the process culture try to focus more on developing and implementing a regular working routine. Managers require employees to have a proper way of finishing tasks instead of offering feedback and compensations for accomplishments. Following the protocol, rules and regulations of the company is the fastest way to advance in this type of culture. Usually, process culture is found in conservative industries.

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