Tools for Recruitment & HR

Many of our tools are developed especially for the HR professionals involved in recruiting for management roles.

These tools will help you achieve a significantly higher success rate when recruiting managers.

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Tools for business improvement

If a business owner or manager finds their company in difficulty, they can be at a loss over what to do. They could be facing results below expectation and not know what needs to be changed to achieve the desired improvement. This is because it is very difficult for a manager or business owner to change overnight his or her approach to business management or see the business from a different perspective.

They need help from outside.

With this problem in mind, the Ivory Office team developed a set of business tools that help business owners and managers look at their businesses from a fresh perspective (just like an external consultant) and see new ways to improve performance.

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The Ivory Office Knowledge Base

Ivory Office Knowledge base is a source of recommendations of articles and books on management and business.

Your time is precious. Find out at Ivory Office Knowledge base what is worth reading on management and business. Be part of this community and share with the community members, those articles and books you found interesting.

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