The Guide for managers' performance appraisal

Measuring employee's performance is instrumental in the running of a firm.

Do it right or don't do it. Sacrificing on quality is not an option.
Margin for error isn't acceptable anywhere else, why should it be here?

The quality of an evaluation depends on many things, but the most important 3 factors are:

  • How good is the person evaluating the employee performance
  • How well is the evaluation done
  • How good is the evaluation criteria used

The scope of this guide is to help you improve the criteria you use in your evaluations.

Below, you shall find the 6 areas to focus on when preparing the evaluation of your managers.

  • Department/division target achievements
  • Company target achievements
  • Attitude & Culture
  • People Management
  • Technical aspects
  • Personal qualities

You will find suggestions of criteria/questions to use in the evaluation within each section dedicated to each management role. When choosing which of the suggested criteria/questions to include in the evaluation consider the following:

  • The performance evaluations are not only for you to assess your staff but a great way to tell your people what it is expected from them.
  • The more the areas you want to see an improvement, the wider set of criteria you will need to use.

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