The Ivory Office Score

When you're recruiting or evaluating a top manager you need something quantitative or tangible to measure and assess their ability.

All the work a manager does - how much they are part of the companys ethos, how far their skills and qualities contribute to the company, the impact they have on the bottom line - this is all part of measuring a managers value.

The Ivory Office Score provides you with a numerical value to reflect this. It is a vital tool if you want to compare different candidates for a job or evaluate your staff. All they need do is take the Ivory Office tests and then a score is provided helping you measure their ability.

Candidates might talk a good game during the selection process but ultimately they might fail to deliver results on the job. Failure to recruit the right staff can end up costing you and your company money.

The Ivory Office Score allows you to put a value on your professional judgment during the selection process.

Calculation the Ivory Office Score of the candidate, increases your recruiting success rate by incorporating a professional judgment during the selection process, something that before could only be realized months after the candidate was hired.

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