The Questionnaire for Company Culture

The culture within a company affects everything inside an organization.

  • Business growth, profitability; both are strongly influenced by the company culture and this is why it has to be the number one concern for every good CEO.

    Company culture determines how people act or contribute to problem solving, innovation, productivity or the quality of products and services.

    It is a company's culture that makes it safe for a person inside the business to raise issues and identify and solve problems or to act on new opportunities.

    The company's culture is most often at the root of the difficulties a firm may face, be it a low level of morale, a lack of motivation, a high absenteeism rate, poor internal communications, poor teamwork or a low employee retention rate.

  • Most market leaders are companies with great cultures. There are studies reporting changes of 200% in the company performance as result of implementing positive change in the company culture. To achieve results like this for your organisation, first of all you have to figure out what your culture is. Then, you must decide what it should be, and move everyone toward the desired culture.

    Company cultures change over time. Every newly hired employee makes a small difference. Every change in the environment in which the company operates (the laws, regulations, business climate, etc.) has an impact too.

    Some of the changes are positive, some not. Some changes are major, some minor. Either way, the company culture will change and it is important to be aware of the changes.

The questionnaire for company culture is available in 12 languages here:

Sample questions

  • In my company, new ideas are more often rejected than accepted. (I agree / I disagree)
  • It is common within my company for employees not to express any disagreement for new ideas or rules openly. (I agree / I disagree)
  • In my company, people and departments in the company are more in competition with each other than in cooperation. (I agree / I disagree)
  • Most people in the company choose to complete tasks and work on their own instead of teamwork. (I agree / I disagree)
  • Many people in my company tend to pass decisions up in the hierarchy. (I agree / I disagree)
  • In general people in my company avoid taking risks. (I agree / I disagree)
  • I am expected to set objectives that are realistic and ambitious. (I agree / I disagree)
  • The management is committed to providing its employees with a pleasant work environment. (I agree / I disagree)

Assessing The Company Culture

There are many ways to assess your company culture. There are consultants who will do it for you, for a fee. But you can also do it yourself.

The Ivory Office Questionnaire for Company Culture provides a set of questions covering the most important facets to gauge how your business operates and how the culture is perceived amongst staff.

There are two ways to survey your staff.

  • You can organize an internal survey the traditional way, off-line. You will need to create, print and distribute the questionnaire to everyone in the company, collect and collate all the results and then generate and distribute the findings of the report to everyone who needs to see it. It could take several weeks.

  • The alternative is to organize the surveys online. This can take a matter of hours.

    Introducing Surveys Worldwide is an easy to use online application that automatically sets up most of the steps involved in an internal survey of your staff.

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