The Questionnaire for Company Direction

You want your employees to be committed and focused to help you achieve the goals you set for your company.

Without value being placed on the direction of the firm you run the risk of failing to meet objectives and targets and ultimately the business may not succeed.

Performance is closely linked to the value placed on setting and investing in company direction and strategy.

The Ivory Office Questionnaire for Company Direction is a set of questions helping you to understand how well the company direction is understood and valued amongst your employees.

Sample questions

  • Do you know what your company’s mission is (ultimate goal)? (Yes/No)
  • Do you know the top three values/principles or policies that guide your company? (Yes/No)
  • My company’s mission is ambitious. (I agree / I disagree)
  • Do you have a clear set of objectives (for this year) at work? (Yes/No)
  • My objectives are consistent with the company goal. (I agree / I disagree)
  • I know exactly what I must do in order to achieve my objectives. (I agree / I disagree)

The questionnaire for company direction is available in 12 languages here:

There are two ways to survey your staff.

  • You can organize an internal survey the traditional way, off-line. You will need to create, print and distribute the questionnaire to everyone in the company, collect and collate all the results and then generate and distribute the findings of the report to everyone who needs to see it. It could take several weeks.

  • The alternative is to organize the surveys online. This can take a matter of hours.

    Introducing Surveys Worldwide is an easy to use online application that automatically sets up most of the steps involved in an internal survey of your staff.

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