The Questionnaire for Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction must be of paramount importance to employers because of the impact it has on company performance.

Employers must know their employees are happy and contented, as well as fulfilling their professional ambitions at work.

Many different factors contribute to employee satisfaction; treating employees with respect, offering above industry-average benefits and compensation, providing, regular employee recognition.

Employee satisfaction is examined in many areas including quality of the management, understanding of mission and vision, level of employee empowerment, teamwork, communication or co-worker interaction.

The way employee satisfaction is measured varies from company to company.

The Ivory Office Questionnaire for measuring employee satisfaction consists of more than 40 questions covering each area and concern to provide a holistic overview of how happy your staff is.

The questionnaire for employees satisfaction is available in 12 languages here:

Sample questions

  • I like the company I work for. In case of a job vacancy I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to my friends (I agree / I disagree)
  • The work I do challenges me to fully use my skills and abilities (I agree / I disagree)
  • I do have learning and personal development opportunities in my company (I agree / I disagree)
  • I feel appreciated for my work and achievements (I agree / I disagree)
  • My boss tells me exactly what is expected from me. (I agree / I disagree)
  • I work very well with the colleagues from my department. (I agree / I disagree)
  • My boss offers me constructive feedback to improve my activity. (I agree / I disagree)
  • In general the management of the company is fair to the employees. (I agree / I disagree)
  • My boss treats me with respect. (I agree / I disagree)

There are two ways to survey your staff.

  • You can organize an internal survey the traditional way, off-line. You will need to create, print and distribute the questionnaire to everyone in the company, collect and collate all the results and then generate and distribute the findings of the report to everyone who needs to see it. It could take several weeks.

  • The alternative is to organize the surveys online. This can take a matter of hours.

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