The Test for Analytical Skills

Problem solving and decision-making are fundamentally important skills for a successful career in management.

What Do You Look for In a Manager?

A competent manager must be equipped with a complete set of skills and the ability required to steer an organization towards sustainable success.

With the increasing competition in today's ever-changing business environment, business management has become ever more challenging. Today, it takes a lot more than just a management degree, certification or experience. It requires strong analytical skills.

Unfortunately, most employers are unable to judge management candidates on the basis of analytical abilities. This is largely because typical managerial interview questions and tests are designed to test knowledge rather than abilities. Ivory Office helps businesses take their recruitment process up one notch.

With our pre-employment assessment test of analytical thinking, we help organizations optimize their managerial recruitments and improve their overall business processes.

Why Analytical Skills are Important for Manager's Evaluation?

Analytical skills refer to the ability to analyze data, solve problems, take decisions or gather and visualize information. These types of skills are required in the working environment for solving problems efficiently and for making sure elements work properly.

All the great managers are confident problem solvers. They take time to understand the problem and come up with a decision that has long term positive effects. Because they approach problems systematically, they cover the essentials each time – and their decisions are well thought out, well planned, and well executed.

If you are looking for a manager who can create strategies, execute plans, streamline functions, optimize processes, manage risks, solve problems and facilitate growth, you must select a candidate with strong analytical abilities.

Our 'Analytical Skill Test' is designed to help you find such a 'gem' in the haystack.

How Does Our Analytical Skill Test Work?

In order to recruit the best professionals, you need the best professional help you can get. That is what we offer. Unlike typical management selection tests, our managers' evaluation test is created and designed by experts with more than 20 years of experience in business management.

  • Instead of asking theoretical and conceptual questions, our test simulates a very real and common day-to-day situation for a business manager.
  • In the current scenario, the person taking the test is managing a restaurant and has to achieve some objectives (increase sales and profit).
  • Although it sounds simple, the test brilliantly puts candidate's analytical abilities to test. It provides an assessment of all of the critical analytical abilities including problem solving and strategic planning.
  • The person taking the test receives 2 results; one compared to the maximum result achievable and one compared to everybody else that took the test before.

Success is a bumpy road. If success is your destination, you need a skillful driver. For businesses, a manager with exceptional analytical skills is that driver.

Ivory Office Analytical Ability Test is designed to meet the requirements of firms and organizations that wish to get a competitive edge in the fast paced business environment. It is equally beneficial for all kinds of businesses, regardless of their size or industry. The test is equally helpful for individuals who wish to test their own potential as a manager.