The Test for Framework Value

Helps you assess the potential of each candidate to create a work environment that attracts and retains the high performers.

A manager is as good as his/her team and you want your managers to be able to build high performance teams.

The capability to attract and retain the high performers in a team is a key skill of a manager. The high performers stay with the company long term, only if the framework provided allows them to grow and achieve high performance.

This is a good tool to help you assess the potential of each candidate to create the type of framework allowing building a high performance team.

Every manager has a different approach.

They may use different styles, have different principles on business, behaviors and beliefs. Each of these will have been formed during their working career at different companies and also through their education.

When you are looking for a new manager it is important to be able to assess what their approach is, and what impact that will have on the culture of your company. Each candidate could have a positive, or potentially negative, impact on their department, affecting company performance and success.