The Tool for performance appraisal

This tool makes easier conducting employees' performance evaluations

Employee's performance appraisal is a very important process in every company because it creates a healthy and positive working environment, helping to continuously develop both the company and its employees.

The employee appraisal needs to be performed by the manager or the supervisor and it has to point to the positive as well as the negative elements to the performance and productivity of every employee.

Before conducting the performance appraisal the manager has to create a specific format to make sure the process is delivered efficiently and that no aspect is left out. This format has to include all the aspects of the employee's work and not just the latest period when he performed his duties. Also, there has to be balance to the evaluation; examine the good points as well as the bad for every employee.

  • Makes easy creating forms for performance evaluations
  • All the forms can be saved, kept in a forms bank, organized by company/department/job title/individual and reused at any time
  • A list of most common evaluation criteria is made available
  • You have the flexibility to add your own evaluation criteria
  • You have the option to set a weight for each evaluation criteria and the overall score is calculated based on the weight you set for each criteria
  • The result of each evaluation can be exported as pdf file and distributed via e-mail
  • All the evaluations can be saved and organized by company/department/job title/individual;